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“Thank you Stanley & Clare for starting our journey exploring the blues, we both came away with more confidence. Time now to practice.”

“Thanks Stanley and Clare and all the other lovely dancers had a brilliant introduction to blues.”

“Thank you for coming to York. After a couple of months not dancing it was great to get back on a dance floor, at what used to be my home venue, with lovely friends xx”

“Stanley Amah, we nailed it!! 250 people were screaming and laughing as the fruits of your labour came to life. We just want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts…”

“Fascinating evening - not been to a pop-up Strictly before.”

“Thanks for putting on this event, I really enjoyed it and hope you'll run another there someday.”

“Fab music last nite and great dancers.”

“Was a great workshop.”

“Stanley thankyou for an absolutely amazing experience in Poland the last few days . Everything was perfect. The music ,venue hospitality .seems to be you even organised the weather. Hats off to you sir”

“Thank you so much for a truly fantastic weekend which I will never forget ,there are a certain type of people who you meet who stay with you and Stanly you're one of them it was truly an honour to experience what we did this weekend an none of us could have done it without you thank you so much I enjoyed every second of it you are on of life's True Gentlemen thank you so much and I hope to meet up again some time in the very near Future all I can say is Thank-you you made the trip Epic tree days I will never forget ever best of luck you're a real Star.”

“Thanks Claire and Stanley for wonderful music, amazing costume, delicious witches brew and a beautiful place to dance.”

“Absolutely fantastic weekend of dancing.”

“Fabulous weekend Stanley Amah a real cracker!!!”

“Great weekend, good organising.”

“Wonderful time with some amazing people!! A trip that won’t be forgotten!! Many more to come!!”


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“A truly MESMERIZING weekend.”