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Prestige Dance Experiences In Exotic Locations

Striving to delight you every time!

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We are nothing if not original, consistently taking you places others don’t even dare to dream possible and bringing you Experiences they would have you believe were not accessible. We are constantly trail-blazing and pushing boundaries to delight you and exceed your expectations.

We relish our difference!

Yet, we are a very friendly and inclusive group and welcome dancers of all styles and abilities. You will learn and socialise in a safe, supportive, friendly, fun and non-judgemental environment.

Try a Mesmerize Experience today to discover the passion that impels us to strive only for the very best…

To be outstanding!

We’ve all come to dance by many a varied route… bereavement; the break-up of a relationship; the search for a new relationship; the urge to start to live again; the desire to meet new people; the desire to escape from loneliness, etc. The paths are endless.

However we’ve come to dance, the vast majority have found it to be addictive… a ‘must-have’ or ‘must-do’.

For us at Mesmerize, dance is much more than a mere past-time… it is a passion that runs deep and goes far beyond the recognition of the social benefits of dance. We consider dance to be a vehicle for building self-esteem and confidence; for eradicating loneliness and channelling positive energy; for the enhancement of physical and mental well-being, including alleviating depression. We use dance to improve life skills, including emotional and social intelligence and communication.

Dance with us and begin to discover the benefits for yourself today! Dance Heals...Dance Cleanses…

Dance Energises...Dance Connects!

I am motivated by the passion to get you social-dancing to Blues and other slow music in a partner-environment. My approach is broad-based and inclusive. So, whether you are a beginner or “never-danced-before”, I’ll be only too happy to share your dance adventure… and help you to discover or savour, the joys of dance.

My dance is infused with a number of popular dances, including Blues; Argentine Tango; Modern Jive; Swing; Lindy Hop; Jazz; Salsa; Bachata; Kizomba; Lambada and Street.

I strive to achieve a seamless blending of elements from these dances, drawing from each as necessary to reflect and enunciate the nuances, tones and flavours of the music to which I dance. I find joy in the striving and when it all comes together... Sheer bliss!


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