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Big city blues Social Dance Experience! The Ultimate The Music You... Me... Learn To Dance	*	Exceed Your Expectations! STONE CIRCLE BLUES PRESTIGE DANCE HOLIDAYS

Welcome to Dance2Mesmerize, incorporating BIG CITY BLUES. Your delight is our aspiration and pleasure!

Here is a dance-provider that is driven by passion for dance. We bring you incomparable experiences for the love of dance.

FaceBook Page Dance2Mesmerize runs Classes, Workshops, Tea Dances, Freestyles & Dance Weekends, in the UK and internationally, in-house & to-order ... Setting the benchmark for quality in social partner-dancing. Home All for just £8 on the door for class nights. From £10 for freestyles!

We do not make claims we cannot fulfil.
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Our music has always been wide-ranging and includes wedges of Blues, layered with lashings of Chillout; Latin and R&B and garnished with sprinkles of Tango and Swing... lightly dusted with Jazz and West Coast Swing.

We’ve always something for everyone… long as it’s great, danceable music! So, why not join us at one of our events and experience the difference for yourself?

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The Adventure continues

Why choose a Mesmerize event? You get superlative learning made easy, plus top quality dancing with incomparable hospitality, in exquisite venues!

Thank you for choosing us today. We remain committed to striving to provide the very best there is! We know you have many alternatives.

We are nothing if not original! We consistently take you places others don’t even dare to dream possible and bring you Experiences they would have you believe were not accessible. We are constantly trail-blazing and pushing boundaries to delight you and exceed your expectations. We are not afraid to be different… in fact, we relish our difference!

Yet, we are a very friendly and inclusive group and welcome dancers of all styles and abilities. You will learn and socialise in a safe, supportive, friendly, fun and non-judgemental environment.

Try a Mesmerize Experience today to discover the passion that impels us to strive only for the very best…to be outstanding…

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